You, Mom, Wool and the Gang


Last time PAPER checked in with Wool and the Gang, the knitting company was putting the finishing touches on their new studio/shop in Soho. We were a regular fixture at their Thompson Street store this winter (reconnecting with your creative self + making something warm to wear = awesome during blizzard season). Now they’re offering a full collection of light cotton for summer! The Gang has added spring shades – including Ivory White, Nude Pink and Naked Blue – to their knitting kits, ready-made apparel, and 100% Peruvian Pima yarn assortment.

Wool and The Gang have been hosting knitting sessions since they opened, and we’re thinking this is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  Stop in and hand-make a special something (a headband, a mug holder, a shawl – moms LOVE crafty stuff no matter how old we are!).  Or, even better, email to sign up for one of Wool’s weekly classes for the both of you. The company’s knitwear designers Jade Harwood and Aurelie Nicod are on site for assistance (they’re not only troubleshooting gurus, but very patient, trust this beginner!!), and the shop’s communal working table is always a good time.

For readers outside of NYC – but keen on this gift idea – you can order a customized Wool and the Gang kit online (with balls of yarn, one pair of wooden needles, one pattern and a sewing needle) and get your knit on with mom from afar!

Wool and the Gang
98 Thompson Street
(212) 966-9266