Sometimes you go to a show and it all just comes together: the people, the energy, the music, the lighting, and, of course, the clothes themselves. And that’s what happened at threeASFOUR.

Wafting incense consumed Saatchi & Saatchi, the expansive West Soho communications venue, as a violin and electric bass trembled hauntingly. A dramatic spotlight lost and found the models along the winding runway in an uncertain game of cat and mouse. Infinity circles swirled in a projection on the wall. Prominent artists and New York eccentrics looked on. But none of this would really make an impact if the clothes weren’t showstoppers in and of themselves. threeASFOUR used lines to communicate their theme of resonance, incorporating pinstripes, parachute halter dresses held up by strings and real string instruments as accessories. The clothing was futuristic yet lyrical – the undulating curves of the last few dresses, pure poetry.

We know this all seems a little lofty (how exactly does a collection convey the reverberation of sound?!) but that’s the beauty of threeASFOUR! Have a look at their bodysuits, dresses, jackets and capes above. In the words of Marky Mark, “Black, white, red, brown…feel the vibration.