Samantha Pleet Cares About Your Arches


There’s nothing fun about seeing models teeter and tumble in five inch heels. If they can’t hack a platform shoe, then mere mortals (literally) don’t stand a chance. So it was refreshing to see Samantha Pleet pair her sexy understated designs with flat ankle boots and adorable patterned oxfords by Osborn.

The designer is known for cool contemporary clothes with a dash of vintage whimsy — and she did not disappoint last night. Her models strolled easily down the runway wearing a mix of smart versatile separates, high-waist pin-up-style shorts, and black strapless dresses with sculpted necklines and skinny belts. PAPER friend Kat Adams Clements styled the show — and she may have to help Samantha decide which beautiful Brooklyn songstress gets first dibs on these pieces.