Racked Recap: The Year In…Street Scenes


This fall, Racked hit the streets and began snapping shots of New Yorkers across neighborhoods and boroughs. Since then, we’ve featured more than 50 Street Scenes subjects. Some of them exuded style, but others…missed the mark. The following are Racked readers’ most popularly voted Street Scenes to date.

3) Tony Lee: Spotted on Doyers Street, the stylish gentlemen garnered an 85.1% Perfection! rating. Sample reader comment: “Tony Lee is the man, he looks like a cool grandpa.”

2) Duilio: Duilio was shot walking the streets in Queens wearing duds from a time gone by. People loved the look, judging from his 85.4% Perfection! rating. Sample reader comment: “It’s like he found his style in the 1970s, stuck with it despite the changing times, and now his look is ‘in’ again.”

1) Satchel: It was a bit surprising to see two of the top three spots taken by older men, but the most-popular Street Scenes was a given. With a 91.6% Perfection! rating, the honor is held by the cute two-year-old we photographed in Soho. Sample reader comment: “He’s adorable. That being said: ‘Satchel’? Really?!”

Honorable mention goes to Auguste, who came in fourth place and Paola, who came in fifth.

And now, our Racked staffers take the floor and offer their  picks for best Street Scenes of 2007:

Editor Leslie Price: I really enjoyed Lorinya’s look. It was simple, but the contrast between the soft pink sweater and her tattoos was an unexpected detail that really made the getup pop.

Contributor Rebecca Prusinowski: I really like Paola and Clark. Paola put together a look that was understated and cool, and she used affordable pieces from places like American Apparel and H&M to do it. Clark’s jeans are verging on Kings-of-Leon-too-tightness, but overall, he is looking fine. The shoes are amazing, and he has the confidence to pull off the whole look, which is most important.

Photographer Daniel Krieger: Tony Lee is the man. He’s a cool old guy who had been around the world and just has a confident charm about him.