Jeremy Scott


Up up and away! Jeremy Scott took us on a wild ride replete with superheroes, club gear, bright color and humor. Scott’s known for his love of kitsch — and amplifying it tenfold — and that’s just what he did for fall. Take the first model, for instance: wearing wild make-up and pigtail hair with bright extensions, she strutted the catwalk tightly clad in a Coca-Cola shirt reading ENJOY GOD as its logo. She also carried a furry red fox stole and wore red sequin shoes à la Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” So, yeah, kinda kooky. But also a play on adventure. Same goes for the appropriated “Superman” and “Batman” pieces – as well as the silver spacesuits.

Beyond the superhero theme we sensed a little ’90s, too. We did spend a night or two at Tunnel as an underager, after all. Pink angora sweaters with cutouts, fur shoes and lots of silver took us right back to the club – and called to mind “Austin Powers”. Remember all the fuzzy pink and silver in the fembot scene from “International Man of Mystery”? Yeah, kind of like that – shagging and all, considering Jeremy played a looooong loud moaning sequence as the music. But what can you expect? This designer likes to have a good time. Guests Kanye West, Vanessa Hudgens, Keri Hilson all seemed to agree.