Inherited Beauty: Susan Tabak’s 2008 Chic List


Once again, we focus our attention on generations of chic – the mothers, daughters, fathers and sons with prevailing beauty and superior style. here are the most recent additions to Susan’s Inherited Beauties…

Goldie Hawn’s California beauty is iconic, and daughter Kate Hudson takes after her with wild blonde waves, bohemian style and breezy glamour. Kate can dazzle in Versace or Dior, but she’s equally at home in a simple hippie sundress. Both Goldie and Kate are beautiful on the red carpet, but the comfort and confidence they exude is what makes them truly radiant.

Gianni Agnelli, the legendary head of the Fiat car company and Italy’s unofficial patriarch, was internationally renowned for his impeccable style and dress. He had a collection of exquisite bespoke Caraceni suits, and his bold accessorizing redefined Italian fashion. Grandson and Fiat heir Lapo Elkann has emerged as the next tastemaker within the Agnelli dynasty, appearing regularly on international best-dressed lists for his daring and eccentric personal style. Rumored to have inherited over 200 of his grandfather’s suits, his wardrobe is a mash-up of classic Italian and contemporary labels. His look is wildly colorful, heavily detailed and totally his own.

Nearly 40 years since she debuted on the hit television show “The Mod Squad,” actress and socialite Peggy Lipton is still stunning. Her commitment to healthy living and fitness is obvious. Rashida Jones, her daughter with music mogul Quincy Jones, is gorgeous, too. She always looks put-together, whether in a flowy cocktail dress for press events or in a simple camisole and denim out and about in LA.

There are trendsetters, there are provocateurs, and then there is the master of timeless fashion: Ralph Lauren. His personal look is rugged and eternally cool, and his classic design style is reflected in sons Andrew Lauren and David Lauren.

After 22 years as Valentino‘s muse and brilliant press attaché, Georgina Brandolini joined Balmain as an executive and managed the house’s prêt-à-porter line for six years. In 2005, she opened her first Parisian boutique, featuring her own knitwear collection. Georgina’s casual yet sophisticated personal style is an inspiration , and her two daughters are fashionistas with marvelous styles of their own. Bianca and Coco Brandolini are regulars at Valentino’s shows, of course, embodying the house’s new, more flirtatious modern look.

Bob Dylan is regarded as one of the most influential musical and cultural forces of the twentieth century. Whether wearing a plaid flannel shirt and old corduroy coat as an early folk star or skinny stovepipe pants, a Collegiate blazer and black Wayfarers in his late 60s heyday, Dylan defined the changing times. His striking son, singer/songwriter Jakob Dylan, has a chic minimalist style, favoring well-tailored black separates.

President Kennedy invigorated the White House with charisma and fashionable style. Of course, his best look was with Jackie by his side. They defined American chic, and their son John F. Kennedy Jr. continued the legacy. His intelligence and affable nature only enhanced his handsome appeal.

Having successfully transitioned from famous child actor to leading lady, Natalie Wood was a Hollywood star with doe-eyes and a string of studio paramours. Though her story is marked by her tragic accidental drowning in 1981, Wood remains a film icon. Her daughter Natasha Gregson-Wagner quietly rose to fame in the early nineties for her own acting work, and her delicate beauty is a mirror of her mother’s.

Actress Vanessa Redgrave has been garnering rave reviews for her work on stage and screen for decades. Her fierce intelligence and at times controversial opinions have often eclipsed her elegance over the years. Her daughter Natasha Richardson was a highly respected actress and timeless beauty herself.

Kirk Douglas is an American screen legend, appearing in more than one hundred films since the 1940s. He’s famous for playing intense and macho roles, but his good sense of style, clef chin, and steely gaze are instantly recognizable. His son Michael Douglas followed in his footsteps, not only as a successful actor and producer, but also as a gentleman with sensible style.