Get To Know Your Friendly Papermag Bloggers


Armed with a camera and a pen, Rebecca Prusinowski takes you inside New York’s most hip’n’happening new stores in her weekly  Shop of the Week  column.

Papermag: Briefly describe what your shops column is all about.

Rebecca Prusinowski: The “Shop of the Week” column presents the latest newsworthy neighborhood clothing stores. We primarily feature recently opened shops, but we’ll also highlight existing stores debuting new collections or concepts.

If you were to open a shop, what would it be called and what would it sell?

The clothing would be classic with an edge, and the selection would be quality at reasonable–or bargain–prices. It’d have sections for vintage, for emerging designers and for assorted collectibles. There’d probably be a shrine to Jack White or Philip Seymour Hoffman somewhere, and the service wouldn’t be obtrusive but it’d always be friendly. The shop would connect to a little café where I’d screen old movies at night and serve gin cocktails (is that legal? I might be going overboard). I think I’d call it “Comfortably Numb” or “Come Into the Room.”

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