Gary Graham


A black-clad, camera-wielding crowd quietly admired the colorful kicks and wild prints at Gary Graham last night.  Held at his Tribeca outpost, the presentation was all about textured layering – and that’s how we like it!! Charcoal wool coats and alpaca blanket dresses over looong batik-patterned dresses and funkadelic leggings. The collection was inspired by the “Hero Myth” concept, and we were def getting fashionable nomad vibes. Hell, we’d wander the dessert for one of these Royal Jacquard coats!

Lest you think it was all about the clothes, let’s talk accessories: Stripey athletic socks were paired with either black pumps or brightly-colored Chuck Taylors, and the models rocked mega-mullet wigs à la ’80s hairband RATT.  So much going on here people!! The crowd kept its gaze on the raised wood plank runway, but we couldn’t help notice our girl Karen O sitting pretzel-style in front of us. Killing it in a mustard yellow mohair sweater and leopard-print beret, the YYY frontwoman was out to support her pal Graham.