Felice Dee


In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we bring you Felice Dee, a new online boutique founded by mother-daughter duo Felice Dee and Amanda Muchnick. Based in New York, the e-tailer offers a first-rate selection of unique women’s fashion from around the world. Inspired by their many travels together – and their ability to spot the chicest of wares in far-flung locales – the Muchnicks wanted to make their finds available to all.

They started by tracking down their favorites: that hidden boutique in Buenos Aires, the unknown handbag designer in Thailand, their go-to eyewear guy in Austria. Then they made a list of their most ogled wardrobe pieces. After getting in touch with these vendors across the globe, their site began to take shape. Felice Dee carries women’s jewelry, accessories, apparel and eyewear from over fifteen independent designers and artisans – and their roster is constantly evolving.

The one thing you can always expect to find, however, is the unexpected. The Muchnicks aren’t interested in trends, focusing instead on timeless, unusual beauties that look smashing today – and still will five years from now. They’re big on vibrant color and items with artistic quality: a ravishing red Afrodite dress (made by Rosé a Pois in Italy and available for the first time in the U.S.), a limited edition draped grey denim vest (by Buenos Aires designer Min Agostini), a statement necklace made of natural horn (from Colombia), two-tone mod circular sunglasses (by Lotho in Japan), a floral and suede drawstring bag perfect for summer (handmade by Vanina in Lebanon – we loves!!!). There are hundreds of exquisite pieces, many exclusive to Felice Dee or selling stateside for the first time on the site.

We teamed up with Amanda Muchnick and put together our top picks above. The site’s quirky, fun gifts start as low as $35 while some of the more extravagant baubles are close to $1000. There’s something for mom in this mix – no matter the budget – and if you hurry, Felice Dee can overnight ship before Sunday!