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“Artisanal” is a word that’s generously tossed around these days, but the craftsmen at Makr Carry Goods truly abide by the philosophy. Their bags and small leather goods are designed and crafted from start to finish by the Makr team – sketched, stained, laser etched, cut, stitched, buffed, waxed and detailed. No flashy logos or flamboyant shapes. No florid embellishments. Their signature is strong, understated design with a practical point of view.

Take their ipad Case, for instance. Made to protect the screen and prevent cracking pressure points, Makr tested various constructs, responding to questions of both form and function. They decided on a single large piece of leather that is folded, hand sewn and edge painted. It’s a clean, elegant look and the Chromexcel Bark with Cordovan model is divine. Their Angle Wallet is another favorite. Its simple beauty belies smart design: by pressing your thumb against the hinge of the wallet, it opens the pocket and allows for easy access to cash and plastic.

We love the timeless look of Makr’s bags, totes, wallets and carry cases and all that they stand for – small production and high quality, combining modern and traditional craftsmanship. ‘Carry’  on!