Fashion Scout » Get Some Toast for Your Guy!


This winter, Toast makes menswear for the first time. Known for their unfussy yet well-crafted women’s fashion and homegoods, the UK company has amassed a loyal following since launching in ‘97. Fans begged for a men’s line from the start, and the debut collection does not disappoint. From the simple sleeveless V necks in Shetland wool to the chalk stripe trousers, Oxford brogues and debonair waistcoats, Toast’s menswear captures the ease and graceful style of classic English fashion…and then adds a light modern touch.

Lo’s List is especially keen on the coats. If we’re playing favorites, it’s got to be the Dark Olive Picardy, a military-style cutaway coat in cotton moleskin. Or the Liguria, an unstructured, five button worker’s jacket. Any man would look handsome in either (though why not both??).

With Toast’s new line of men’s clothing and accessories comes their first men’s catalogue — a thing of beauty in itself. The brand has cast distinguished gentlemen of varying ages and appearances — a far cry from the young slick models that populate most campaigns. Superbly lensed amid farmyards, footpaths, fields and rustic interiors, the men project a quiet, sturdy confidence that suits the label perfectly.