Fashion Scout » Castelbajac’s Medieval Models


Eccentric Parisian designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has traded Muppets and Island adventures for a darker fairy tale this Fall. His collection had the look of medieval times, replete with Robin Hood garb, woodland creatures, and dresses inspired by stained glass and knights.

Not one for subtlety, Castelbajac used these themes quite literally, opening the show with structured shoulders and touches of chain mail before presenting capes, high necks, leather buckles and hoods. And then Bambi came prancing down the runway! The iconic Disney deer – who is forced to find his way in the wild after his mother is killed – gave Castelbajac a signature cartoon and played up the ominous forest motif at the same time. Bambi could be found on slinky shirts, suit jackets, dresses, shoes, and – oh yes – there were antlers galore.

As the collection finished with gleaming armored mini-dresses and stained glass embellishments, Castelbajac had Lo’s List feeling much like Maid Marian.