The complexgeometries show was off to an auspicious start when we told the cab driver to take us to the Westside Gentlemen’s Club and he asked if we worked there. Um, no. But thanks? Now operated by The Jane’s Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte, the recently opened, only partially tweaked venue turned out to be perfect for complexgeometries’ fall collection. ‘Cuz these clothes had major ’70s glam rock and Studio 54 vibes going on!

Canadian designer Clayton Evans has earned an underground following since the brand launched in 2007, and he gave his fans more of the directional, unisex fashion they love: loose chiffon tops that draped down to there, wide leg pants, flowy androgynous capes and jumpsuits. This season, though, sparkling silver foil materials and ├╝ber-platforms (a collab with LDTuttle) gave the designs more flair. This was Ziggy Stardust terrain y’all! Add to that some “Star Wars” touches (the smokey chiffon numbers on the small stage were yelling Luke Skywalker) and you have yourself one dramatic collection.

A few blogger extraordinaires were also milling about the club. Susie Bubble and Tavi gave us a photo op, but of course we accidentally hit wide lens and messed the pic up. We’ll spare them the results, so focus instead on the complexgeometries pieces at left.