About Rebecca

Rebecca Prusinowski is a Brand Consultant, Writer + Editor working in LA and New York. From reporting cultural trends to partnering with clients to drive editorial direction and strategy, Rebecca creates content that is original, of-the-moment, and leaves a lasting impact. She has worked with The New York Times, InSites Consulting, McMurry Publishing, PAPER Magazine, Reuters, Red Bull, Jameson Whiskey, Milk Studios and many popular e-commerce businesses and lifestyle websites.

Services include content ideation and market research, writing/editing, copy and social media. Her expertise is online retail, startups and direct to consumer culture.

Here at rebeccaprus.com, Rebecca shares her industry perspective, as well as a selection of her past work with publishers and clients.

Rebecca did not arrive to the editorial party in typical fashion. While many of her peers and industry colleagues were aggressively pursuing admission to the country’s best universities and programs, she was making collages out of old magazines, studying theater and working full time outside of high school at a candy shop called We’re Not All Nuts (we were, though).  She had a vague understanding that New York City was where the action is, so at the last possible second, accepted a full academic scholarship and enrolled in Fordham University…

…Rebecca devoured The Naked City, immediately taken by the diversity of art and perspective it offered.  She studied Sociology and became a budding feminist upon reading James Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” for the first time.  She would go on to minor in Women’s Studies.

After graduating cum lade, Rebecca accepted a job with NewellRubbermaid, a global marketer of consumer and commercial products with some of the most widely recognized labels in the world. There she worked in New Business Development, pioneering new market channels for the company’s portfolio of writing brands–including Sharpie Marker, Papermate and uni-ball. She honed her big business acumen and became known for her highly creative presentations, grass roots marketing initiatives, and unique ensembles mixing corporate logo apparel with vintage couture.

During her time with NewellRubbermaid, Rebecca indulged her more artistic side, too. She acted regularly in popular television series such as “Law and Order,” “Sex and the City,” and “Gossip Girl,” as well as films by acclaimed directors like Sydney Lumet and Sam Raimi. She began blogging in the early aughts, when the era of Gawker was dawning in NYC.

She started to cover fashion and retail happenings around town, working as one of the first online writers for Racked.com, and eventually the legendary PAPER Magazine, The New York Times Local, socialite Olivia Palermo, McMurry Publishing and e-commerce site AHAlife, among many other popular blogs and media companies.

Enjoying both the intellectual rigors of writing and the strategic impact of marketing, Rebecca’s work evolved into content development.  She services small and medium sized businesses seeking a one-stop-shop for their brand platform, copy, visual and social media strategies. She also partners with larger companies seeking trend forecasting.

When she’s not fine tuning a company’s mission statement or advising a major spirits brand on their foray into small batch, Rebecca enjoys exploring new cities on a bike, transforming thrift finds into something special, dancing, old-fashioned cocktail culture and seeing live music shows whenever she can. Since relocating to LA, she’s become an avid hiker as well. Who knew?